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[+] Fixed Monster Soul Reset time
[+] Changed and extended behavior of Skill, Luck, Option attributes in LuckyItems
[+] Fixed MapAttribute -> ZenDrop
[+] Hidden resets display in game client title bar if resets are 0
[+] Extended OfflineLevelling system by MinLevel and MaxLevel attributes for item pick up section
[!] Fixed Magic Stones mix issues
[!] Blocked ability to enter to CC and CCS events with Dark and Ghost horses
[!] Fixed Pet Trainer mixes issues
[!] Fixed ability to abuse party move by outlaws
[!] Fixed character name display in game client title bar

[!] New Launcher Version
[!] Increase Antihack system stability
[!] Patch and last Client reuploaded

Game Sever Reboot: Done
Client Autoupdate: Necessary
Redownload Client & Patch : Not necessary
* For full apply update exit game and run Launcher.


Install Font: ARIALUNI.TTF !