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[!] Modified RegularSkill: RuneWizardHasteCalc, SummonerWeakness_PvP, SummonerInnovation_PvP
[!] Modified MasterSkill: SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level1, SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level1, SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level2, SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level2, SummonerBerserker_Level2, SummonerDarkness_Level2, RuneWizardHasteCalc_Level1, RuneWizardHasteCalc_Level2
[+] RemoveReflectFlinchAllPets, AllowSplitCashShopItems (owerlap)
[!] Fixed extra scenario of Guardian Item Upgrade option count, Ghost Horse with 3 or more normal options will get minimum 2 normal options on Ice Dragon
[!] Fixed inability to upgrade lucky items by jewels
[!] Fixed ability to buy in not opened personal store while character is in Offline Levelling mode
[!] Fixed not working pentagram option, "DEF added to Elemental DEF +5%"
[!] Fixed personal store tax rates
[!] Fixed period extendable items not working correctly after period extend by same period item type combination
[!] Fixed overlap droppable items durability after throw from inventory
[!] Fixed Dark Plasma Enhanced barrage display when skill 1002 (DMG Count +1) is active
[!] Fixed belonging of dropped item in Blood Castle event while in Party
[!] Fixed Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly not being removed in selected mixes
[!] Fixed Deathside Enhancement skill invalid damage/barrage
[!] Fixed ability to become Outlaw after killing a player during Team Battle state of Doppelganger event
[!] Fixed Horn of Dinorant attack speed increase option
[!] Fixed Dark Raven could kill party members
[!] Fixed Haste skill formula
[!] Fixed Innovation and Weakness PvP skills not working
[!] Fixed inability to divide Rare Items
[!] Fixed soul sharing within Party while completing Monster Soul collection mission
[!] Fixed defense increased by invalid value while equipping Wings of Power
[!] Fixed Jewel of Dark Life success rate issue
[!] Fixed GunCrusher spell def rate, attack rate problem

~Game Server Reboot: Necessary ERT: 20.20
~Client Redownload: Not Necessary