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[!] Fixed false-positive walk speed anti hack detection while riding selected pets
[!] Fixed Ghost Horse creation mix consumes invalid number of ingredients
[!] Fixed invalid elemental damage for selection of skills
[!] Fixed party move can be abused to get into certain maps without required level
[!] Fixed data type for hunting record system map number to resolve display of negative map value
[!] Fixed ConnectMember.xml does not work properly when character is created with mixed spelling case
[+] Added option to limit max punish damage
[!] Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills
[!] Fixed Blood Castle monsters attributes
[!] Fixed enormous monster HP which may corrupt data in connection with PunishMaxDamage

[!] Fixed client freeze
[!] Update Antihack system

Game Sever Reboot: Done
Client Autoupdate: Necessary
Redownload Client & Patch : Not necessary
* For full apply update exit game and run Launcher.